How NOT To Make A Sale

I’m a big believer in customer service. I cringe when making a simple phone call to a company and being confronted with frustrating, repeated and seemingly minute-after-minute voice mail choices to click one for this or two for that.  Worse, though, is when a company fails to treat prospective customers with adequate service.

I received an unsolicited phone call from a marketing company (I’ll give you their name if you’d like) purporting to be calling in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce.  I was about to go into a meeting, so I politely told the caller, “I can’t talk now, but please call me in one hour.”

That was more than two weeks ago.  Today, the marketing company finally called me back. I told him: “You were supposed to call two weeks ago.  If this is the kind of customer service you give while trying to solicit business, what low level of service can I expect if I actually buy your products or services and do business with you?  Put my phone number on your Do Not Call List.”

I followed that up with an email to the company’s sales director, so perhaps future prospective customers won’t encounter the same lack of service.  Donn Pearlman what me worryWhat do you think?

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