Cheapskate Promotions

It’s not just airline seating that is getting stingy. I am astounded at how corporate bean counting mentality now has influenced marketing campaigns at some large companies. The result: downright stingy promotions.


Example #1:

For at least the second consecutive year a radio station here in Las Vegas is conducting a ratings period-related promotion to give away $1,000 a day. That’s fine. However, it is not just one radio station giving away a grand. The local contest for the daily $1,000 prize actually is being conducted nationwide simultaneously and in conjunction with listeners at potentially more than 50 other radio stations in eight states that are owned by the parent broadcasting company. Cheapskates!


Example #2:

A major luxury car brand had a promotion for a line of men’s fragrances. You’d expect that the grand prize would be one of their cars. Well, yes and no. The winner receives their lowest end model car and it’s not even given free and clear. It’s only a free two-year lease. Geizhälse! (That’s “misers” in German.)

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