Why Has Subway Made It Harder & Slower To Order?

When I visited a local (Las Vegas area) Subway Sandwich shop today I immediately noticed the menu boards had changed.  One horrible change is that the menu boards no longer list the components of the combo sandwiches, such as the Italian BMT, so unless you’re a “regular” you don’t know specifically what meats are part of the sandwich.

Also, the signage that indicates what sauces are available, such as honey mustard or even mayo, have been removed.

Why did Subway corporate executives do this? Perhaps it was to encourage more “interaction” between customers and the sandwich makers, but I don’t know why that would even be necessary. All that the genius, executive decision-makers at Subway HQ have done is to impede their customer’s decision-making process on exactly what to order and how the sandwich should be made, and, therefore, slow down the entire line of customers waiting to place their orders.

Apparently, whoever is responsible at Subway corporate for making it harder for customers to make informed choices has never waited in line during a busy lunch hour or actually worked behind the counter making the sandwiches.

Attention Subway executives: there’s a reason it’s called “fast food.” Don’t slow it down.

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