PR 101

I recently did a small project for a new client, and this was the client’s first experience with “media relations.”

He mistakenly thought that you simply submit a news release and media organizations will automatically publish it verbatim. I politely explained that is not a news release, it is a paid advertisement. Editors, reporters, producers and bloggers can and often do edit the submitted news releases they receive — and sometimes, simply discard them.

News releases must be “news,” not fluff. You will never receive a news release from Donn Pearlman & Associates that begins: “XXXX is pleased to announce.” I tell clients, it would be more newsworthy if you were NOT pleased to make the announcement.

Save the “we are pleased” comment for the third or fourth paragraph. Put the solid, what-does-it-mean text in the first paragraphs. Remember. It’s not just Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Often, the most important question to answer is , So what?

And, yes, I am pleased to announce (!) the brief news release I created for the client has been getting nice coverage by the specialized news media that received it. (Look closely at the screen and you will see me smiling….)

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