What Clients and News Media Said ……


“It’s always great to deal with an efficient and effective pro such as you.”
(From a News Editor at a major wire service.)


“Your releases were always newsworthy and did not contain a lot of unnecessary BS that had to be edited out. This helped facilitate the message you were trying to convey on behalf of (client). I wish more publicists wrote with as much clarity and conciseness.”
(From the Online Editor of a respected magazine.)


“Thank you.  Great job!  It was a pleasure to have you on board for the public relations and news release of the (project).  Your work is both outstanding and truly professional.”
(From the partners of a company that was involved in a record-setting, $30+ million project.)


“You did an amazing job for us. It was an out of the park home run. Many, many thanks.”
(From the President of a company with nearly $1 billion in retail sales.)


“I was happy to do the story — the details were interesting and it made a change from the usual daily news diet.  I could tell you were a newsman — the news release was well crafted and full of detail.”
(From the Bureau Chief of a major news wire service)


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